Augmented Reality Application
A data driven mixed reality application
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Cutting Edge Systems
client/server software architecture where the main service runs within the instrument and serves external clients
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Programmable And Configurable
Data exchange set with OMG21 (Offshore Monitoring Generic Messaging Protocol 2021)
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Compatible with Industry Standard Architecture
Instrument connectivity for NMEA2000 CAN bus
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Welcome to Ladar

Innovative light-based sensor technology for the maritime and offshore industry

Real-time surveillance

The use of the ladar system for maritime and offshore operations enables accurate and real-time surveillance of the ocean surface layer, the water column and the seafloor.

Object detection

Object detection, characterization, classification and tracking of various types of objects like floating containers, ice floes, floating debris, mammals and others

Unique capabilities

Unique possibility to penetrate the ocean surface that can be customized to meet specific needs of the customers for a wide variety of applications and needs.