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Ladar™ Sensor Suite

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Innovative Detection Sensor Suite Technology for the Maritime and Offshore Industry

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Ladar™ Sensor Suite - Avoid Collisions. Save Lives. Meet Regulatory Compliance. Protect the Environment. Explore the Digitalized and Automated Future.

At Ladar Limited, we design, develop, and deploy laser and computer vision – based technological solutions for the maritime and offshore industry.  Our Ladar Sensor Suite is a smart system that enables real-time, highly accurate surveillance of the ocean surface layer and the water column.  The system uses sensor-based data and presents a visual consolidation of feeds – perfect for swift decision-making.  Our Ladar Sensor Suite prioritizes the safety of your crew, passengers, vessels, and cargo by utilizing artificial intelligence to fuse data aggregation systems into a comprehensive decision support system – available for you 24/7, around-the-clock. 

A full-fledged, AI-based dashboard allows Ladar Sensor Suite users – vessel operators and fleet managers – to assess whether their vessel is meeting the compliance measures of regulatory bodies and the company’s own policies.

Multiple inputs from cameras and sensors result in detection, characterization, classification and tracking of various types of objects such as floating containers, plastic, ice floes, floating debris, mammals, and others.  The Ladar Sensor Suite can be customized to meet the specific maritime surveillance, and safety needs of the customers for a wide variety of applications. The Sensor Suite is a versatile digital solution that is well-suited for applications ranging from maritime security and safety, autonomous shipping, offshore operations, fishery, environmental monitoring – such as pollution control and plastic detection, dredging, to offshore wind farms.

Features & Benefits

Collision Avoidance

Ladar™ Sensor Suite reduces the risk of collision with prompt and actionable insights for the bridge team.

Object Detection

Ladar™ Sensor Suite uses an innovative combination of sensors and cameras to detect, classify, and track partially and fully-submerged objects in the vessel’s path.

Maritime Surveillance

Ladar™ Sensor Suite provides the crew with a dynamic, AI-powered collision avoidance and object detection solution that is primed for around-the-clock surveillance on voyages.

Saving The Oceans - Plastic Detect

Our PlasticDetect system offers an end-to-end solution for real-time detection, classification, and tracking of marine plastic pollution comprising a unique multispectral, internally developed and patented laser based maritime lidar sensor (Ladar™ Sensor Suite), visual and thermal sensors, computer vision with AI and ML and complementary web portal data service supported by satellite imagery.