Ladar Ltd.

Optimal Situational Awareness

The Ladar™ Sensor Suite is a state-of-the-art, laser and computer vision-based, collision avoidance solution that functions as a navigational aid for bridge crews, fleet managers, and yacht owners. 

The AI-based system offers a comprehensive, reliable, digital, automated and adaptable solution for maritime safety, security, and surveillance.

The Ladar ™  Sensor Suite protects vessels of all sizes, large and small, as well as ports, offshore and onshore platforms, pipelines and more from collision damage with other vessels as well as with floating, partially submerged, and submerged objects such as containers, and ice floes. Our innovative solution also supports the surveillance of infrastructures or areas, for law enforcement, maintenance, and environmental purposes.

Our system can be tailored to very specific uses such as underwater and surface surveillance of infrastructure, autonomous shipping, plastic detection, windfarms, and oil platforms, oil and gas leaks detection, precision fishing, and fish stock management.

The Ladar™ Sensor Suite‘s technology is a stepping-stone towards the upcoming unmanned and autonomous vessel technologies market. The Ladar™Sensor Suite collects thousands of observations per second with millimetre precision and its stereo-viewing capabilities enable full 4D imaging: high-resolution 3D observations and tracking in real-time. This allows for almost immediate detection and tracking of potential threats with a very high update rate and resolution, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

The ladar system utilizes very narrow laser beams with scans in linear or matrix patterns as to give a full 3D perspective. Fused with computer vision, the system offers unmatched detection capabilities by any of the competing solutions.   

Compared to currently available solutions, the Ladar Sensor Suite achieves superior object detection and collision avoidance results at a fraction of the price. 

Find out why the Ladar Sensor Suite is the missing piece in your organization’s maritime safety and security operations.