Ladar Ltd.

Ladar Limited Announces New Collaboration With 'Ecofriendly Cruise' Innovator For Sensor Suite Roll-Out

Ladar Limited has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent with Zero – Emission Luxury Cruise Company, Northern Xplorer, for the use of Ladar’s innovative Sensor Suite aboard Northern Xplorer’s newbuilds.

Ladar Limited developed the Ladar™ Sensor Suite as a highly accurate ‘near proximity’ detection sensor technology – using multisensors for the advance detection and precision identification of above and below the water surface sea mammals, semi-submerged objects, small boats, and uncharted objects – resulting in the desired safety levels and a minimally intrusive cruising environment. By using a form of multi-sensor data fusion enhanced by artificial intelligence, Ladar’s Sensor Detection technology precisely identifies and maps the location of any possible safety hazard for the bridge navigation team’s ease.