Ladar Ltd.

PlasticDetect - A scalable and efficient solution using Multi-Spectral (MS) LADAR system

Our PlasticDetect system offers an end-to-end solution for real-time detection, classification, and tracking of marine plastic pollution comprising a unique multispectral, internally developed and patented laser based maritime lidar sensor (Ladar™ Sensor Suite), visual and thermal sensors, computer vision with AI and ML and complementary web portal data service supported by satellite imagery. The solution will provide quantitative information on plastic waste size and location at local, regional, and global scales. It will serve as a vital bridge between cumbersome manual sampling and inaccurate satellite measurement estimations by cost effectively measuring marine plastic remotely from a ship or other kind of mobile or fixed platform.

Deploying PlasticDetect across a host of maritime infrastructure addresses the knowledge gap by providing accurate data on the exact location and quantity of plastic in our oceans. This supports our ambition to reduce collection costs by half and to double the amount of plastic recovered.

The PlasticDetect system introduces the unique multispectral lidar instrument for plastic object detection and classification in real time. The instrument has been developed by our internal scientists and patented accordingly. Our complete offering, the sensors unit plus raw and processed data products automatically detects, classifies, and maps plastic debris in the ocean, along a coastline, and in freshwater bodies and rivers. The system has the capability of detecting plastic objects from metaplastic (over 50 cm) to microplastics (0.05 cm – 0.5 cm) both above and below the water surface. It has the unrivalled capability to penetrate the water surface to interact with plastics that are partially and fully submerged. Its portable and customizable design enables easy deployment on various platforms including drones, fishing vessels, ferries, patrol vessels, and pilot boat to commercial ships of all kinds and stationary structures. The PlasticDetect system enables governments, policymakers, ocean clean-up organizations, scientific and social researchers, shipping and fishing/aquaculture industry stakeholders, educational establishments, and many others to gain actionable insight and make informed decisions as part of the battle to conserve the marine ecosystem.